Monday, January 30, 2023

Privacy Policy

Insane Yards is primarily a home improvement website that provides its readers with top-notch content on the go. In the process, we collect some useful user information with the sole intention of the betterment of your experience on our website. Our privacy policy describes clearly what data is collected from what sources, and what this data is used for.

Insane Yards goes the extra mile to protect the privacy of its users at any cost. Learn more about our privacy policy below.

What Should You Know?

Talking about the purpose of the data collected, it is done for the improvement of customer experience on our website. Personalized advertisements of products and services you might be interested in are recommended to you. Furthermore, the content you visit on our website is updated regularly according to your potential demands and interests.

We send personalized emails to our esteemed users that include the latest published articles. These articles might get the readers’ attention as they are matched with their preferences and interests. We also sell other related information via email to our users.

We work closely with other parties and provide you with an ultimate reader experience on our website. 

What Information Do We Collect?

Insane Yards only collects meaningful data that helps in serving its users in the best way possible. We collect the personal information of the users that is non-sensitive, through different collection methods. Whenever you register to our website, we collect certain information such as your name, email, and username. When you comment on any of our posts, we collect your email, username, comment contents, etc.

It also includes your geolocation and other contact information through which we communicate with you in the future. The data collected through our system includes page views, products reviewed, advertisement clicks, and much more. This information acts crucially in determining the effectiveness of our advertisements on our website. It also lets us know which information you prefer reading on our website.


Insane Yards make effective use of cookies that nourishes your next visit to our website greatly. Data such as the clickstream information and log file data is stored within cookies which is crucial to us. Our collection methods and techniques are carefully thought out and do not compromise the user’s privacy.

When you visit our website, you will be asked whether you want cookies to be turned off or not. You can easily disable cookies through your browser settings. However, we do not recommend you to turn off cookies as it will only affect your user experience with us.

Third Parties

Insane Yards closely works with third parties who offer personalized advertisements and offers of different products and services to you. We do not personally endorse any of the advertisements’ products and services. We highly recommend you do adequate research before purchasing anything from a third-party website.

Be sure to check out their privacy policy as they might not have the same policies and terms as us.

Updates In The Privacy Policy

We regularly update our privacy policy to keep it in compliance with GDPR terms and conditions. We recommend you to have a look occasionally at our privacy policy to learn about any newly added changes.

Contact Us

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